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'Unique Support semi independence units are based in Luton Bedfordshire and Harrow Middlesex .'

Our aim is to:-
Help young people develop independent living skills in a safe environment.
Address individual difficulties in a professional manner.
Provide as seamless a transition from adolescence to adulthood as possible.

The management of Unique Support acknowledges and recognizes the need for 24 hour adult supervision, which we provide with skilled qualified staff (who receive ongoing training) to support young people from 16 plus.

Unique support believe in developing self esteem and confidence in these vulnerable young people , particularly those at risk of offending or re offending after leaving Foster Care or a Residential Children's Home. In order to achieve positive outcomes with these young people, we believe in having consistency when working with, and alongside these vulnerable young adults.

With our high levels of resilient staff, our Supported Semi Independent Unit will focus on positive outcomes for those young people who exhibit 'medium risk behaviour '. We will utilize preventative methods through a skilled staffing service and our six element delivery plan to equip and develop these individuals. With personal skill base for independent living.


This scheme will be driven by the needs and best interests of the young people placed.
Unique Support residence based in Luton features:

a 5 bedroom residence 3 en suites plus 2 bathrooms for young persons(female) with 24 hour staffing.
a step down bed (studio flat) on site.
An intensive programme of independent living skills needs for the individual young person
Guidance, advice and support from staff members.
Development with the client of flexible personal plan of action tailored to the young persons’ assessed . ......needs.
Support for the client in achieving their objectives in a flexible manner and achieving progress towards ......personal development and life skills.
Reporting to relevant local authority officers using agreed framework to measure progress development.

Mother and baby placements are welcome. Guidance and support are provided for mother to parent her .......baby and for her to be able to learn life skills to live independently.

Regular Assessments and reports are done to monitor the parenting of mother to baby.


For further information please contact Ms Jeanette Hunte, call today alternatively send an email.

    Tel: +44 01582 555334 Mobile: 07412302916 Email: info@uniquesupport.co.uk
Location: Junction 11 M1 Luton & Dunstable Hospital 100 metres